This fragrance, with its essence of oakwood and hints of pink pepper and blackcurrant, evokes the mystical Sherwood Forest and the legend of Robin Hood.

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Scent of Legends: Sherwood by MEMO

Sherwood by Memo, a scent that captures the spirit of Sherwood Forest, the home of the iconic Robin Hood.

This Eau de Parfum blends the depth of sandalwood with the sweet charm of reclaimed oak. The fragrance glows with reddish hues, like a sunset among the trees, and is enriched with the freshness of blackcurrant and the exotic warmth of pink pepper. An olfactory tribute to bravery and honesty, Sherwood is a woody scent ideal for adventurous spirits.

Can I Try the Sherwood Fragrance Before Buying?
Yes, we offer a sample pack so you can try Sherwood and make sure it’s the right fragrance for you before making a full purchase. Click here!

What are some general recommendations for choosing a perfume?
When choosing a perfume, consider the occasions on which you will wear it, your personal scent preferences, and how long you expect it to last. Remember that each perfume reacts uniquely with your skin chemistry, so it is important to try before you buy.

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