Wood, flowers, and a milky nuance define Inverness, inspired by the capital of Scotland’s largest region.

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Inverness: A Tribute to Scotland

Memo’s latest release, inspired by the capital of the Scottish Highlands, is a fragrance that evokes the mysterious beauty of a landscape covered in peat, heather, and golden rain.

What does Inverness by Memo smell like?

This woody, floral, and milky composition is an olfactory journey that begins with delicate notes of iris and maté. The perfume transitions into a heart of amyris and sandalwood, concluding with an ultra-comforting base of cedar. Inverness is a homage to the serenity and depth of the Highlands.

How can I tell if a fragrance like Inverness will suit me without trying it first?
You can sample the fragrance with our sample pack. This allows you to appreciate the essence and decide if it suits your personal preferences. Click here!

What is the best way to apply an eau de parfum like Inverness?
To apply an eau de parfum, spray it on pulse points like the wrists, behind the ears, and the neck. This helps to diffuse the fragrance with the body’s natural heat. Avoid rubbing the fragrance after applying it, as this can alter its scent.

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