Tiger’s Nest is a fragrance capturing the essence of nights in remote forests and sacred mountains, with notes of incense, osmanthus, ylang-ylang, rose, and papyrus on a base of vanilla and amber.

Size: 75ml

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The Imprint of a Tiger in a Perfume: Tiger’s Nest

Tiger’s Nest by Memo Paris is a fragrance embodying the intensity and mystery of nocturnal forests. With notes of saffron, absinthe, and amber eyes, this fragrance is inspired by Taktshang, the sacred, hard-to-reach mountain.

Each breath is a journey through valleys and mountains, where the wind sings among the cliffs and incense floats in the air. Tiger’s Nest is a dance of shadows and light, where rose and ylang-ylang intertwine in a velvety and stealthy step. It’s a legend turned into scent, an astonishing abyss that represents the roof of the world in a bottle.

Fragrance Composition:

  • Top: Absinthe, aldehyde, lime.
  • Heart: Amber, saffron, incense, osmanthus, ylang-ylang, rose, papyrus.
  • Base: Vanilla, tolu balsam.

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