MURMUR Eau de Parfum


A fragrance that stands out for its ability to evoke emotions, based on the fusion of oud, ambergris and sandalwood.

Size: 50ml

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Pigmentarium’s Murmur: A Captivating Fragrance Whispering Secrets

Discover a scent that, like a discreet whisper amidst a crowd, floats on a cloud of intrigue. Its character is distinguished by the irresistible and beguiling blend of oud, amber gris, and sandalwood. This essence is elevated by the regality of Damask rose and a sultry surge of pulsating musk and civet.

What are the scent notes of Murmur?

Top Notes:
Amber Gris – a majestic introduction to an olfactory journey.

Heart Notes:
Patchouli and rose – a floral heart with an earthy undertone.

Civet, oud, musk, and sandalwood – a deep and enigmatic foundation that lingers.

How long does the Murmur fragrance last?
Longevity can vary depending on individual skin chemistry and environmental conditions, but it typically remains discernible for several hours.

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24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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