Pigmentarium’s latest fragrance bridges Prague and Paris with essences of mandarin, neroli, and incense, offering a unique olfactory contrast.

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Oratorio: The Scent That Embodies the Soul of Two Cities

Oratorio, the latest Eau de Parfum from Pigmentarium, is an olfactory masterpiece that weaves a tale between the tangible and the ethereal, connecting the historical charm of Prague with the romantic allure of Paris. Experience the stark juxtaposition of the bustling city pulse against the serene grandeur of ancient sanctuaries.

What does Oratorio smell like?

Oratorio begins its sensory journey with sparkling citrus and floral notes of Madagascan mandarin and Egyptian neroli, offering a burst of effervescence and an air of exclusivity.

As the scent unfolds, it reveals a heart that is both tranquil and spiritual. The smoky depth of frankincense intricately mingles with the warm and subtly spicy cedarwood, while jasmine adds a tender floral touch, lifting the composition and beckoning a moment of introspection and inner peace.

The fragrance culminates with a base of opoponax resin and patchouli oil, delivering a rich, balsamic finish with earthy undertones and an aura of enigma. This final act encapsulates the dual nature of light and shadow, echoing the way the warm and profound base notes amplify and enhance the lighter top layers.

Which olfactory family does Oratorio belong to?
Oratorio is part of the woody and balsamic fragrance family, complemented with citrus and floral accents that create a radiant and cleansing opening.

How long does Oratorio last on the skin?
The longevity of Oratorio on the skin can vary depending on skin type and environmental factors, but it typically boasts a considerable lasting power, thanks to its resinous base and essential oils which are known to adhere well to the skin.

Can I Try the Perfume Before Buying the Full Bottle?
Yes, you can try Oratorio on your own skin with our sample pack. Click here!

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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