Terror & Magnificence


Relish the freshness of a summer rain on London’s cobblestones, contrasting with the aromatic richness of church incense, candle wax, papyrus, and kyphi.

Size: 50 ml
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Terror & Magnificence: A Tribute to Architecture and Antiquity

Discover a fragrance that masterfully contrasts darkness with invigorating complexity. Inspired by renowned Georgian architect Nicholas Hawksmoor, this scent pays homage to rule-defying creativity.

Terror & Magnificence fuses elements such as church incense, candle wax, papyrus, and kyphi. It also features a wet-stone accord, reminiscent of the first rain in London after a hot summer.

What Does Beaufort’s Terror & Magnificence Smell Like?

Kick off with a robust burst of saffron and black pepper, followed by the intensity of birch tar. Soon after, incense and tobacco notes take over, adding an exotic flair. The fragrance concludes with resins, wet stone, and vetiver, leaving a lasting and profound impression. It’s a perfume that is bold at the start, exotic at the core, and sophisticated at the finish.

How Strong is the Sillage of Terror & Magnificence?
Experience a fragrance with robust and long-lasting projection, mirroring its complexity and depth.

Can You Sample the Perfume Before Purchasing?
Yes, we offer a sample pack so you can explore the unique scent of Terror & Magnificence before committing to a full purchase. Click here!

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

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