Iron Duke


Shimmering metallic notes, cognac, snuff, and saddle soap come together to pay tribute to the horseman and his steed.

Size: 50 ml
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Iron Duke: Where the Beast’s Strength Meets Man’s Elegance

Celebrate the untamed force of the animal kingdom with this fragrance, capturing its raw and powerful essence in every drop. Picture the valor and skill of ancient horsemen, conjured through shimmering metallic notes that echo like clashing steels in battle.

What Are the Notes in Beaufort’s Iron Duke?

This scent evokes the emergence of a horse and its rider. Bright metallic notes blend with cognac, snuff, and saddle soap to create a sense of luxury and adventure. Additionally, the base of oud, animalic leather, and hay adds an intriguing depth to the fragrance.

How Is the Projection of This Perfume?
The projection of Iron Duke is noteworthy, reflecting its powerful and bold character. This is a fragrance that won’t go unnoticed and is ideal for leaving a lasting impression.

Can I Sample Iron Duke by Beaufort Before Making a Purchase?
Yes, we offer a sample pack for you to experience the uniqueness of this scent. Click here!

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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