With notes of clove, ambrette and carrot, which evolves into a heart of iris and vetiver, ending in warm nuances of vanilla, peach and musk. This unisex creation, designed by Jean-Claude Ellena, subtly seduces with each inhalation.

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Signed by the Renowned Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena: A Journey to a Heavenly Retreat Ellena channeled the deepest secrets and treasured emotions, bringing forth a modern take on a fragrance with Parisian roots. It’s gentle and unassuming, yet possesses a charisma that stands the test of time. It doesn’t overwhelm; it delicately caresses the olfactory senses, subtly captivating us.

What’s the Scent Profile of Frederic Malle’s “Heaven Can Wait”?

Top Notes: clove, ambrette, carrot seeds

Heart Notes: iris, vetiver

Base Notes: vanilla, peach, musk

A Fragrance for Everyone?
Indeed, “Heaven Can Wait” emerges as a unisex scent, morphing gracefully with each individual personality.

What Longevity and Sillage Can You Expect?
Broadly speaking, it maintains a noticeable presence without overpowering.

Suitable for Every Occasion?
Sporting a spicy and warm touch, it’s the go-to for poignant moments or intimate dinners. Simultaneously, its understated nature makes it an everyday choice.

How to Best Experience “Heaven Can Wait”:
To amplify its essence, apply on strategic areas such as the wrists, base of the neck, and behind the earlobes.

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