A sensory journey in warm spices and iris designed by the legendary perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena.

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Frederic Malle’s Latest Masterpiece: Heaven Can Wait

Crafted by the illustrious perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, this fragrance encapsulates the essence and aura of a heavenly sanctuary. Ellena found inspiration in the intimate and enigmatic corners of the soul, delivering a modern-day rendition of a Parisian olfactory gem. It’s nuanced and discreet, yet possesses an enduring regality in its allure. It doesn’t overpower; instead, it gently murmurs, beckoning us irresistibly.

What Scent Notes Define “Heaven Can Wait” by Frederic Malle?

Top Notes: clove, ambrette, carrot essence

Heart Notes: iris, vetiver

Base Notes: vanilla, peach, musk

Is This Fragrance Crafted for All?
Indeed, “Heaven Can Wait” is a versatile unisex perfume, resonating with any identity.

How Does Its Longevity and Sillage Measure Up?
Longevity and sillage are inherently subjective, hinging on individual skin chemistry. Typically, it exudes a scent with moderate projection.

Is It Suitable for Every Occasion?
Its spicy and enveloping tone makes it a prime choice for special encounters or romance-filled evenings. Yet, its finesse makes it equally fitting for daily wear.

Application Instructions for Heaven Can Wait:
For the ultimate scent experience, spray onto pulse points like the wrists, nape of the neck, and behind the ears.

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