BOHA 30ml


Boha is an opulent and seductive floral fragrance that captivates with its intimidating purity and heart of gardenia, jasmine and orange blossom.

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Eliciting an intense emotional response

From the very first moment, this creation captivates with its almost intimidating purity, like a gaze that pierces you with intensity and seems not to want to let you escape.

At the heart of Boha, a bouquet of gardenias is adorned with notes of jasmine absolute and orange blossom, which together sing an irresistible melody.
Orange flowers and violet leaves add depth to the mix, creating a sense of mystery that envelops the wearer.

The ensemble, subtle, delicate and opulent, is overwhelming and wears like a provocation.
Boha is a fragrance that adheres to the skin and remains present for hours. As it develops, it intensifies, revealing a hidden sensuality that makes it impossible to ignore.

The creator of this wonderful fragrance is Vanina Muracciole, who allows herself some eccentricities, adding to its musky base amber and precious woods such as sandalwood, thus reinforcing the sensual aura she desires, as well as her attire that borders on the indelible.

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