The vibrant freshness of Aqua Media Cologne Forte 70ml, with its citrus notes, sweet fennel and woody accords for any occasion. Irresistible for this summer!

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The vibrant freshness evoked by the harmony between water and light.

Aqua Media Cologne Forte has been masterfully created by Francis Kurkdjian, one of the most renowned perfumers of our time. With his masterful touch, he has managed to capture the most vibrant and balanced freshness in every drop of this fragrance.

The olfactory notes of this perfume create a symphony of aromas that envelop you in a refreshing aura full of vitality. When you apply this fragrance, you will feel the seductive burst of Calabrian bergamot, a luminous and revitalizing citrus note that will transport you to sunny landscapes of Italy. Accompanying the bergamot, the verbena accord adds a fresh and stimulating herbal touch, giving you a feeling of renewed energy.

The heart of this fragrance is dominated by Hedione, a molecule that brings a floral and musky quality.

The charm of Aqua Media Cologne Forte lies in its base of woody and musky accords. These accords provide a feeling of warmth and elegance, leaving a long-lasting, comforting trail on your skin.

Olfactory notes: Verbena accord, Bergamot from Italy, Sweet Fennel, Hedione, Woody Musks

Size: 70ml

If you are looking for a versatile fragrance to suit all situations in your life, look no further, Aqua Media Cologne Forte is the perfect choice.


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