GENESIS Eau de Parfum


This Eau de Parfum captures the freshness and vitality of a deep breath, taking you to a world where it all begins, a world of purity and innocence.

Size: 50 ml

A Reflection on Human Nature: Rediscover Inner Innocence with Genesis by Pigmentarium Delve deep into a meditation on human essence, an invitation to reconnect with the childlike innocence once vibrant within. Genesis is an ode to life’s dawn, the constant journey of self-discovery, and the magic of beginnings.

Scent Notes of Pigmentarium’s Genesis Perfume:

Top Notes:
Bay leaf, aldehydes

Heart Notes:
Verbena, lily of the valley, green apple

Base Notes:
Fig leaves, rosewood, musk, grey amber

Is Genesis Suitable for Daily Wear?
Absolutely. With its crisp and effervescent notes, Genesis is ideal for everyday wear, yet it encompasses the depth and sophistication for special occasions.

What Longevity and Sillage Can You Anticipate from Genesis?
While longevity and sillage can differ based on skin type and surrounding conditions, typically, Genesis offers a lasting impression of 6-8 hours with a moderate sillage.

Is it a Unisex Perfume?
Indeed, this fragrance is crafted to be savored by both men and women alike.

Any Allergy Concerns When Using Genesis?
While formulated with premium ingredients, there’s always a potential for individual sensitivities to specific components. It’s advised to patch test on a small skin area before continuous application.

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24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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