The scent of tuberose in the wide fields of southern India, where these fragrant white flowers are grown. From the top of their long, slender stems, they exhale a heady yet fresh and green aroma, delicately tinged with fruity and milky notes.

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Choose one candle and then pair it with another to discover its unexpected olfactory alchemy, which seems to reinvent each scent while creating a third.
Spikenard and iris duo: an evening in Grasse. In the old days, in the Grasse region, young women were forbidden to go out on nights when the tuberose was harvested. It was said that its intoxicating fragrance “went to their heads”. Some would sneak out, their kisses perfumed with white flowers and the iridescent powdery notes of their makeup.

The first time you light a scented candle, let it burn for two or three hours until all the wax on the surface has become liquid.
Trim the wick regularly with the special wick trimmer (ideal length: 3-5 mm).
When extinguishing the candle, check that the wick is upright and centered.

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24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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