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Are you tired of the same scents? From our perfumery in Ibiza, we offer an array of niche fragrances, each blending our dedication to sustainability with the pursuit of what’s truly authentic.

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Most sought after olfactory notes.

Who Said Scents Are Just Flowers or Spices?

Perfume Narratives, Aromatic Adventures by Imaginary Authors

Each fragrance is a chapter from an unwritten book, inviting you to delve into the unexpected. The latest masterpiece, “The Language of Glaciers,” immerses you in the grandeur and mystery of icy landscapes, adding a vibrant new story to the library of unique aromas.

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Papaduk Ibiza, award for the best niche perfumery 2023.

We are very excited to share with you this incredible news, and that is that Papaduk has been recognized as the best signature perfumery in Spain in 2023! We would like to thank Beautyprof and the jury for recognizing our efforts to promote signature perfumery and sustainable products. Without the support and loyalty of our customers and friends, who share our passion for quality, authenticity and environmental responsibility, we would not have achieved this.

Try it before you buy it - Papaduk Sample Pack

Soon we will be able to send you a WeTransfer with the scent of our fragrances. But until technology surprises us with this marvel, we offer you the Papaduk Sample Pack! Try it before you commit.