The set consists of a glass bottle, a 200 ml Tubéreuse home fragrance diffuser refill, 6 natural rattan reeds and a funnel to dispose of future refills.

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Home fragrance diffuser scents a room while adding a decorative touch. The faceted glass tumbler plays with light and reflections, creating a prismatic effect in which the fine rattan canes appear multiplied. Glass, perfume and rattan become one, bringing a touch of poetry to any interior space. Designed to scent large spaces, the diffuser is based on the capillary action of plants: natural rattan reeds absorb the scented concentrate and diffuse the heady, fresh scent of white tuberose flowers, delicately tinged with fruity and milky notes. Made to last, the diffuser can be infinitely refilled with any of the scents in the range.

When using the home fragrance diffuser for the first time, allow the rattan reeds to soak in the scented concentrate for 5 to 6 hours, then place them in the glass container, turning them upside down to begin diffusing the fragrance. You can repeat this action several times to reactivate the fragrance diffusion. As the scented concentrate contains natural raw materials, its color may vary slightly over time without affecting the fragrance.

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24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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