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With notes of cinnamon, rum extract, and cashmere wood, Sugar Addict is the secret to adding a sweet and sophisticated touch to your favorite perfume, offering a unique sensory experience.

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Sugar Addict Fragrance Sweetener by BORNTOSTANDOUT

Sugar Addict, an exquisite creation by Anne-Sophie Behagel launched in 2023, redefines the gourmand experience with a unique twist.

Originating from South Korea, this fragrance sweetener is not just a perfume but a magical tool that transforms any fragrance into a sweet addiction. With an explosive burst of sugar drawing in notes of cocoa, cinnamon, and vanilla, and elevated with rum extract and creamy cashmere wood accords, it immerses you in a state of sugary euphoria. Designed by and for gourmand lovers, Sugar Addict promises to take your scent to an entirely new level.

Fragrance Notes

  • Top: Sugar, Cocoa Absolute, Tonka Beans
  • Heart: Vanilla Absolute, Cinnamon Essence
  • Base: Rum Extract, Labdanum Absolute, Coffee Extract, Cashmere Wood

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