OUD SATIN MOOD Hand and Body Cleansing Gel


Elevate your bath routine into a sensory escape with Oud Satin Mood cleansing gel. Merging woody amber essence with floral notes, it transports you to an iridescent realm. Experience softened skin, captivating fragrance, and genuine care.

Size: 350ml

Soft, Clean and Instantly Scented Skin with Oud Satin Mood

Designed to gently cleanse and fragrance your skin, this gel transforms upon contact with water into a luxurious foam, offering a moment of unparalleled comfort and wellness. Once rinsed, skin feels smooth, hydrated, and enveloped in its enchanting scent.

This woody, amber fragrance sprinkled with floral hints captures the essence of timeless moments. Laotian oud wood, enhanced by Bulgarian rose and Turkish rose absolute, blends with an amber and vanilla accord, weaving a symphony of sensations.

Encased in a chic bottle adorned with the iconic midnight blue hue, the Oud Satin Mood gel grants your skin an instant protective feel. For an all-around experience, pair with the Oud Satin Mood body lotion, oil, and hair mist.

How does it make the skin feel post-application?
Skin feels velvety, hydrated, and shielded, with a lasting fragrance that endures throughout the day.

Does the foaming gel have the same fragrance concentration as other OUD Satin Mood products?
The foaming gel is crafted as a lighter rendition of the fragrance, ideal for daily wear and those desiring a subtle touch of OUD Satin Mood.

Which scent notes emerge upon first application of the gel?
Upon application, the scent unveils the delicate freshness of violet, followed by the rich depth of Laotian oud wood.

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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