Gris Charnel Extrait


BDK Gris Charnel Extrait: sophisticated and enigmatic. A blend of woody, spicy and sweet notes for an exclusive scent.

If you like Gris Charnel, you will love Gris Charnel extrait de parfum

With a 30% concentration of essential oils, this fragrance will make you feel irresistible on any occasion.

The woody essence of patchouli and cardamom are the protagonists of this perfume, bringing depth and warmth to the sandalwood and tonka bean, which become more textured and sensual. Vanilla is another of the outstanding notes of this fragrance, providing an ambery and smoky touch that underlines the trail in a voluptuous way.

The top notes of the fragrance are fresh and vibrant thanks to the combination of cardamom and fig, which bring green and fruity accords to the blend. This bright and luminous opening gives way to an opulent and sensual note that develops on the skin with elegance and sophistication.

The intensity of Gris Charnel Extrait makes it the perfect fragrance for an evening out or an intimate date. Its deep and enigmatic aroma will attract the attention of those around you, while its sophisticated and elegant character will show that you are a person of good taste and refinement.

The notes of this fragrance are specially designed for lovers of niche perfumery, those who are looking for something unique and exclusive. With high quality ingredients, Gris Charnel Extrait is a masterpiece of perfumery, combining classic and modern notes in a unique and surprising creation.

How does Gris Charnel Extrait smells like?

Top notes: Essence of cardamom, black tea extract, fig chord
Heart: Iris absolute from Morocco, essence of Cistus, Bourbon vetiver from Madagascar
Base: Indonesian patchouli essence, Madagascar vanilla absolute, sandalwood essence, U.S. cedar essence, tonka bean absolute

Size: 100 ml

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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