FIR Scented candle – Limited edition 2023


Trudon intermezzo candle, scented with pine, myrrh, and incense, evokes the majesty of the festive season

Size: 800gr

Trudon Fir Intermezzo Scented Candle, 800g

As part of an exclusive quartet of scents, each candle stands out for its audacity, enhanced with golden sparkles that resonate with the grandeur of the Sun King and the nobility of astronomy.

Crafted with unique knowledge and skill, Fir is presented in a deep blue glass, internally embellished with gold leaves: through its transparency, a halo of golden light envelops Trudon’s metallic emblem.

The fragrance of Fir is a tribute to the Christmas tree. Traces of myrrh and frankincense absolute bring an incomparable depth to the top notes, where Siberian pine and fir assert their presence. This candle embraces the olfactory strength and captures the very essence of Christmas.

With Fir, every moment becomes an unforgettable celebration.

What feature makes Trudon’s Intermezzo candles stand out?
The Intermezzo candle is distinguished by its three wicks, making it ideal for large spaces such as living rooms with fireplaces or elegant dining tables, where its presence is both decorative and aromatic.

What is the burn time of the candle?
The Trudon Fir Intermezzo candle has an estimated burn time of 110 to 120 hours, providing long-lasting fragrance and ambiance.

How should the candle be cared for to preserve its fragrance?
To preserve the fragrance of the Intermezzo candle, it is recommended not to burn it for more than 3 consecutive hours during the first third of the candle and 1 to 2 hours in subsequent sessions, to ensure an optimal olfactory experience and prolong the life of the candle.

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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