Olfactory family: Floral

Collect the petals of a pink rose. Be careful not to crush them. Add its green leaves, some thorns and its stem. And don’t forget their buds. Soak it all in a little clear water and wait… as long as it takes. The perfume has to be just right. Leave all the rosy delicacy on the skin, the slightly fruity accents and the slightly acidulous green notes… Eau Rose is composed as an infusion of the best roses in perfumery: damascena and centifolia. It is a tribute to the whole flower.
A transparent gel that transforms into a dense and intense foam. On contact with water, the foam becomes as soft and velvety as whipped cream. All the aromas of a rose infusion come together, offering an indulgent silkiness. Among them, the floral note of Damask rose and the fruity accents of lychee, typical of Eau Rose, are a mouth-watering pleasure.

Fragrance Gestures are inspired by the history of perfume, reinventing textures to offer a new approach to personal scenting. It is a way of making the invisible sensual and the ethereal tangible. Each of the gestures – eau de cologne, perfume oil, body mist or body balm – has a specific concentrate designed to offer the best olfactory interpretation according to its formulation. Thanks to its high concentration, it can often be used alone, depending on the moment and mood. Matter becomes scent, scent becomes matter….

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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