Christmas Candle set 70gr – Limited Edition


A Truly Unique Gift That Adds a Special Atmosphere to Any Space With Sapin, Délice, and Coton, this set covers the full range of festive emotions and sensations

Units: 3
Size: 70gr

Diptyque’s Three-Candle Set: A Trio of Scents to Celebrate Christmas

This winter, Diptyque offers a set featuring a selection of three of its most iconic candles in a small format (70g): Sapin, Délice, and Coton. Available in a limited edition, this festive set becomes the perfect gift for those looking to brighten their holiday season with the warmth and charm of winter fragrances.

A Spectrum of Diptyque Scents

  • Sapin: This candle fills any space with the natural, resinous scent of pine, evoking the Christmas spirit and the magic of winter forests.
  • Délice: A festive, sweet aroma blending notes of dates, vanilla, and patchouli, perfect for setting the mood at dinners and gatherings.
  • Coton: With powdery effusions of musk and tonka bean, this candle creates a soft and cozy atmosphere, ideal for the season’s most intimate moments.

Continuing the house’s tradition, each candle comes in a container adorned with a calligram that celebrates the importance of the flame, inspired by the Enlightenment’s Encyclopedia.

This three-candle set is an excellent way to explore Diptyque’s range of Christmas fragrances or to present someone special with a truly unique and sensory gift.

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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