BON VOYAGE Incense Set


This set of aromatic incense sticks hides six different worlds. Travel in a trail of scented smoke to distant lands, wherever you are.

  • 60 incense sticks.
  • 10 sticks of each aroma.

Introducing the “Bon Voyage” set — a meticulously curated collection of incense sticks that beckon you on an olfactory voyage across six enchanting destinations:

Step into a secluded Eastern garden hidden behind towering walls, where the rarest of roses unfurl their intoxicating scents.

Travel back in time to a bar from colonial India, its wooden walls bearing witness to countless tales of adventure and exploration.

Wander through the mysterious alleyways of a Saharan Medina and relax with a cup of mint tea under the shade of an age-old souk.

Let the heady essence of the night queen whisk you away to the mysteries concealed behind Jericho’s closed doors.

Close your eyes and bask in the grandeur of a baroque church in ancient Prague, where the sacred aroma of incense melds with echoes of past prayers.

Breathe deep and immerse yourself in sunlit mountain plains, blanketed with saffron flowers dancing in the wind.

How are these incense sticks crafted?
Every stick from the “Bon Voyage” collection is handcrafted in Sri Lanka, ensuring authenticity and premium quality in every piece.

Do the incenses contain any chemicals or additives?
Pigmentarium incense emphasizes the genuineness and purity of fragrances, steering clear of unnecessary chemicals.

How long does each incense stick last?
Depending on ambient conditions, each stick can last between 30 to 45 minutes.

Can I purchase individual fragrances in larger packs?
Absolutely. Each fragrance is available in larger standalone packs for those who fall in love with a particular scent.

What makes this discovery set the perfect gift?
“Bon Voyage” is more than an incense set; it’s an invitation to journey and uncover realms through the sense of smell. It’s the quintessential gift for those who cherish adventure, relaxation, and the global tapestry of aromas.

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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