Expect an invigorating start with fruity and green notes, leading to a heart rich in Egyptian jasmine and Bulgarian rose – a celebration of profound femininity.

Size: 100ml

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Accento Overdose by Xerjoff: A White Floral Scent Journey

Born from Xerjoff’s renowned Sospiro (now V) collection, Accento Overdose is a scent that stands apart. It kicks off with a lively mix of juicy pineapple and sweet citrus notes, paving the way to a heart filled with Egyptian jasmine and Bulgarian rose – pure femininity and luxury. Its green and balsamic nuances bring an enticing depth, and the woody musk base wraps it up in a romantically warm embrace. Accento Overdose is all about sophisticated style.

  • Top Notes: A playful blend of fruity, green, and aldehyde notes
  • Heart: The elegance of Egyptian jasmine and lily of the valley meets the charm of Bulgarian rose
  • Base: A soothing mix of eucalyptus and pine

Want to Try Accento Overdose Before You Buy?
Absolutely! Grab our sample pack and give it a whirl before committing. It’s the perfect way to make sure Accento Overdose resonates with your style. Click here!

Accento Overdose vs. Original Accento: What’s the Difference?
Accento Overdose amps up the original with a luxurious blend of woody musks in the base, adding an extra layer of sophistication and depth. It retains the charming fruity-floral vibe but with an added touch of intensity and romance.

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