724 Eau De Parfum

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Top notes: aldehydes and bergamot from Calabria
Heart notes: sweet pea, Egyptian jasmine and celandine
Background: white musk and sandalwood.

  • 200-ml
  • 70-ml

724, an olfactory signature with an urban spirit
In the light of a pure sky rising over the city, the elegant silhouette of 724, a musky floral eau de parfum, rises.
In the top notes, an urban, fresh and undefined chord is perceived. It is the sensation of a clean and energizing freshness, formed by the bergamot from Italy and the verticality of aldehydes with sophisticated, slightly metallic and effervescent facets. At the heart of this fragrance is an airy aura conveyed by a bouquet of flowers structured by Egyptian jasmine absolute oil, sweet pea and mock orange. In the base notes, this universe of whiteness gives way to an enveloping and comforting sensation thanks to a sandalwood and white musk accord.
Urban landscapes and the architecture that surrounds them have overtly influenced the graphic aesthetics of 724 eau de parfum. This luminous, vibrant and comfortably addictive eau de parfum invites you to live in harmony with the city.

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24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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