TONY IOMMI Monkey Special


Feel the Rock on your skin with Tony Iommi by Xerjoff, a scent that blends electric guitar vibes with hints of rum, cinnamon, and sandalwood.

Size: 50ml
Olfactory family: Warm spicy

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Experience Rock’s Aromatics with Tony Iommi Monkey Special by Xerjoff

When rock legend meets fragrance finesse: The Rock edition from Xerjoff Blends sees Tony Iommi, the iconic guitarist from Black Sabbath, collaborating with Sergio Momo to bridge the gap between ’60s rock ‘n’ roll vibes and modern-day scents. Tony Iommi Monkey Special embodies the aromatic essence of this iconic era.

Tony Iommi Monkey Special Scent Profile

Top notes
Rum, Passion Fruit, Geranium, Bergamot

Leather, Singapore Patchouli, Bulgarian Rose, Cinnamon.

Caramel, Musk, Labdanum, Grey Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Who is Tony Iommi?
Tony Iommi, born as Anthony Frank, is a revered British composer and musician. Hailed as the “Riff God” in contemporary heavy metal, he’s foundational to the legendary band, Black Sabbath. Notably, he’s the only original member featured in every album of the band.

How Does Music Connect with This Scent?
The harmony between this fragrance and music deepens with Iommi’s signature monolithic riffs resonating with the olfactory experience. Both capture a particular era, attitude, and spirit, blending ’60s rock with a contemporary sensory journey.

Is It Unisex?
Absolutely. Tony Iommi Monkey Special is a gender-neutral fragrance, crafted to be cherished by both men and women.

Best Season to Wear?
This scent shines in colder seasons. Its rich notes of rum, cinnamon, and sandalwood unfold beautifully in cooler weather.

How Distinctive is Its Trail?
With a remarkable sillage, it leaves an unmistakable trail. Its intricate composition and top-tier ingredients ensure the wearer stands out. Its rich composition and premium ingredients not only reflect its quality but also ensure the wearer leaves a lasting impression wherever they go.

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