Discover the Sapin fragrance in vaporizer format, ideal to fill any space with the Christmas spirit instantly.

Size: 50ml

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Sapin Roomspray: Bring the Holiday Spirit to Every Corner of Your Home

This Christmas, Diptyque invites you to carry the festive magic wherever you go with its Sapin Mini Roomspray. Designed to capture the very essence of winter and the holiday season, this indoor spray offers you an easy and effective way to scent your home.

A Spray Bursting with Winter Scents

With just a spritz, the roomspray fills the room with a fragrance that evokes the warm ambiance of winter. Its spicy and resinous notes transport you to those moments when the Christmas tree has just been adorned, and the whole house fills with a sense of festive anticipation.

Just like other products from Diptyque’s special collection, the Sapin Roomspray adheres to the theme of the “flame,” which becomes the central motif in a calligram. This design is inspired by the poetic definition of the word “flame” found in the Enlightenment’s Encyclopedia.

What Is the Main Fragrance of Sapin Roomspray?
The fragrance is composed of pine, resin, and cedar notes, creating a resinous and spicy aroma that evokes winter and the freshly decorated tree.

Is It Safe to Use This Spray on Curtains, Upholstery, and Cushions?
Yes, this spray is designed to be used on curtains, upholstery, and cushions. However, it is recommended to test it first on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure it does not cause any damage or discoloration.


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