The vibrant and rich atmosphere of Jaipur in a hidden bar, where the blues guide you and sandalwood is present.

  • Contains 40 incense sticks.

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Santal Blues Incense: Jaipur’s Melody through Sandalwood

Let this fragrance whisk you away to a hidden bar on a Jaipur street, where echoes of ancient blues embrace you. It’s that kind of scent which, for some reason, feels so familiar, reminiscent of a tune that always harks back to a cherished memory.

Jaipur, the sophisticated Pink City, exudes elegance at every turn. As you light this incense, life’s fervor and passion unfold in a manner that captivates and plunges you into a singular experience.

What defines the Santal Blues incense aroma?
A scent that marries the understated charm of sandalwood with unexpected notes, reminiscent of an elusive Jaipur bar.

How are these incense sticks crafted?
Santal Blues is diligently fashioned by expert artisans, employing premium ingredients and time-honored incense-making techniques.

How long does the scent of each lit stick linger?
The aroma from each incense stick lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes, yet its essence graces the air for hours.


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