Top notes: gardenia, jasmine, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lilac and iris
Heart: tuberose and carnation
Fondo: tolu balsam and musk

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Good things are images that disappear from our mind. They are parts of us lost in the forest of habits. But the pain remains and describes what cannot be chosen. Maybe I don’t want to forget, maybe it won’t happen, I want to feel different.

I remember crying because it is stronger than forgetting. But leaving is sweeter than staying. I don’t want to live in fear of what is to come, of the darkness or what I left behind, I am who I wanted to be even when it wasn’t me talking. They were tears to the moon that always rose like a prayer, sculpting my destiny. I sigh with pride for a single leap in the drama to keep from letting go of the emotions. So I follow my emerald-scented path wherever it leads me. It is a promise to each other an oath an oath a cry a sincerity a brave hymn. Strong, I believe and never forget.

The eleventh fragrance by Filippo Sorcinelli praises the race to freedom. The initial emotional spark of this new project is still the pentagram, as evidenced by the decoration of the bottle: it is the music that moves, that falls like tears to generate the desire for freedom: the aria from Handel’s Rinaldo “Let me cry”.

Filippo Sorcinelli still wants to tell his human and artistic journey through the difficult conquest of this “absolute”, far from multiple slavery: fashions, advertising, preconceived ideas. One realizes how important freedom is only when freedom itself fails. And it is through the experiences of each one that we overcome the limits of prejudice to run on a straight path on a symbolically green expanse marked by an accompanying moon that bathes our faces with a warm and enveloping light.

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