The charm of magnolia! Jurassic Flower Perfume Gun is a unique air freshener with notes of peach, apricot, and citrus.

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Jurassic Flower: The Magnolia Air Freshener for Your Home

The Jurassic Flower Perfume Gun is an air freshener created by Carlos Benaïm. This spray pays tribute to the magnolia, a flower that dates back to the Jurassic era. Its fragrance, unique among white flowers, stands out for its luminous freshness, blending citrus touches with notes of peach and apricot. Ideal for transforming any room into a summery oasis.

What is Frederic Malle’s Perfume Gun and how is it used?
Frederic Malle’s Perfume Gun is a spray air freshener designed to change the atmosphere of a room. It is used by spraying it into the air to diffuse its fragrance, perfect for adding a fresh, floral touch to any space.

What are the predominant scent notes in Jurassic Flower?
The main olfactory notes of Jurassic Flower are apricot, citrus fruits, peach, lavender, and magnolia. This combination creates a floral and aromatic scent profile.

Is the Perfume Gun suitable for all spaces?
Yes, the Perfume Gun is suitable for a variety of spaces. Its fresh and floral aroma is perfect for homes, offices, or any place you want to revitalize with a touch of summer.

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