Like the Queen of the Night, this incense manifests itself with increasing intensity, immersing you in an aura of mystery and fascination.

  • Includes 40 incense sticks.

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Jericho Noir by Pigmentarium: Incense Sticks Breathing Mystery and Night

As the hours wane, the ambiance turns darker and more enigmatic. Rich interiors and a luxurious atmosphere hide within the deepest shades of black. A night you’ll forever cherish is about to unfold.

What does the scent of Jericho Noir embody?
The fragrance of Jericho Noir conjures a lavish and opulent setting delving into the enigmatic and darkest tones of black, reminiscent of the fleeting bloom of the Night Queen flower.

How long does the fragrance from Jericho Noir incense sticks last?
Typically, a Jericho Noir incense stick burns for about 30 to 45 minutes, but its scent can linger in the room for several hours.

What’s the recommended way to use these incense sticks?
Light the tip of the incense stick until a small flame forms. Then, blow out the flame, letting only the fragrant smoke prevail.

Do they contain any allergenic or irritating ingredients?
Jericho Noir is crafted from premium-quality ingredients. However, it’s always possible that some individuals might be sensitive to certain components. If you have known allergies, please review the ingredient list or test the product on a small patch before regular usage.

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