Kilian’s Limited Edition Angels’ Share set, featuring a refillable perfume and a travel spray. A luxurious fragrance that evokes the finest cognac.

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Captivate with Cognac and Hazelnut: Angels’ Share by Kilian

This exclusive set includes a 50 ml refillable perfume and a 7.5 ml travel spray, both filled with Angel’s Share fragrance. Conceived by Kilian Hennessy, this perfume brings winter magic to festivities, like an opulent midnight snow picnic. The elegant, refillable bottle is complemented by a black lacquered travel accessory.

What does Angels’ Share by Kilian smell like?

Crafted by perfumer Benoist Lapouza, this perfume melds cognac essence with notes of oak wood, cinnamon, and tonka bean. Sandalwood, praline, and vanilla notes complete this fragrance, creating a delectable finish. Its natural caramel color, derived from cognac liquor, evokes the craftsmanship of a Cognac Master.

What’s included in Kilian’s Angels’ Share Icon Set?
The set includes a 50 ml refillable perfume bottle and a 7.5 ml Talisman travel spray. It combines elegance with practicality, allowing the fragrance to be carried in everyday life and on travels.


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