Notes: oak moss, ambergris, iris root, bergamot, immortelle, vetiver, basil, petit grain, musk, labdanum, jasmine, grapefruit and tangerine orange.

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“If I had to define Etruscan Water, I would call it a green-citrusy perfume with character – or with a dirty/sexy vibe! But this definition cannot encompass its complexity.

Inspiration comes from two different sources.
The first is my personal memory: having been born and raised in Tuscany, we could go to the beach in the south of the region, where hundreds of years ago our ancestors, the Etruscans, lived.
To access the most impressive small bays, well hidden and offering the most transparent waters, you had to walk 30 minutes through the forest.
These forests are full of wonders! The smell of the typical Mediterranean vegetation is enchanting and, if you are lucky (or unlucky…) you may come across a wild boar, or even some remains of the Etruscan civilization.
The salty and refreshing smell of the sea relieves you from the heat of the sun that warms your skin.

The second source of inspiration is my personal research on perfumery masterpieces, as lately I have been intrigued by classic citrusy men’s colognes, not the light ones, but the ones with a strong character.”

Francesca Bianchi

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