The captivating fragrance by Marc-Antoine Barrois blends green and woody notes of rhubarb with cedar, sandalwood, tonka and vetiver.

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Encelade edp is the essence of nature.

A powerful and captivating fragrance that transports us to a fresh jungle at the foot of a volcano, with green and woody notes designed to seduce both men and women. Encelade takes its name from Greek mythology: according to legend, Enceladus was the son of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Heaven), and was shot down by Athena after the giants attempted to scale Mount Olympus to reach the gods. Enceladus is said to be buried beneath the lands of Sicily and still breathes through the fumes and eruptions of the Etna volcano.

What does Encelade perfume smell like?

Woody and green notes create a relationship of shadow and light, delightfully playing with paradoxes from beginning to end. The main accord of rhubarb, cedar and vetiver expresses the scent of the earth: sap and lush nature. Meanwhile, these green and woody notes mingle with a shock of sandalwood and creamy tonka bean that add depth and sensuality to the skin, completing a dance of pure seduction and wild magnetism.

Type: Eau de parfum

Size: 100 ml

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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