Eau Rose is composed as an infusion of the best roses in perfumery: damascena and centifolia. It is a tribute to the whole flower.

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This fine lotion is full of contrasts. Barely milky, like a lotion, it rests on the skin, murmuring its little song of softness. But beneath its delicate melody, it brings to life unknown facets of the fragrance. The rose infusion is tinged by particularly sharp, almost lemony accents. Green notes of rose are also perceived, as if the peel of a citrus fruit had awakened a duo of dormant petals and leaves. For the fragrance to last all day, the skin must be well moisturized. It is the secret of a long-lasting trail.
Collect the petals of a pink rose. Be careful not to crush them. Add its green leaves, some thorns and its stem. And don’t forget their buds. Soak everything in a little clear water and wait… as long as necessary. The perfume has to be just right. Leave all the rosy delicacy on the skin, the slightly fruity accents and the slightly acidulous green notes…

Fragrance Gestures are inspired by the history of perfume, reinventing textures to offer a new approach to personal scenting.

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