Cologne Indelebile by Frederic Malle is the perfect duality of citrus and musk.

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Buy Cologne Indelebile to smell of seduction

The first impression on smelling Cologne Indelebile is a burst of freshness and vitality. It is the citrus accord that unfolds with notes of lemon and bergamot, like a sunrise in a citrus grove. They are lively and bright notes, announcing the arrival of a perfume that will not go unnoticed.

These citrus notes are joined by orange blossom which with its delicate and slightly sweet aroma, balances the citrus freshness and leads to a floral heart, where the presence of narcissus absolute provides an elegant and somewhat mysterious subtlety.

But if there is one thing that characterizes Cologne Indelebile, it is white musk. This perfume is not content to be fresh and clean, it also seeks to seduce, and it does so with a concentration of musk that defies the ephemeral nature of an eau de cologne and endows the perfume with an indestructible resistance.

White musk is a mild, slightly sweet scent with a musky texture reminiscent of clean skin. It is a scent that melts into the skin, envelops it seductively and, in its interplay with citrus and floral notes, creates a fragrance that is both innocent and irresistible.

How to define the musk of Cologne Indelebile?

Musk is a scent that has two faces: purity and seduction. It is said to be the play of innocence and temptation, a duality that the nose Dominique Ropion has been able to exalt in Cologne Indelebile. This perfume is capable of fusing in the same scent the freshness and cleanliness of an eau de cologne with the sensuality and durability of white musk.

Size: 100 ml

Type: Eau de Parfum

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