Coeur De Noir


With dominant chords of black ink, this eau de parfum evokes pen drawings of yachts, libraries filled with nautical novels, and tattoos.

Size: 50 ml
Type: Eau de Parfum

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Ink, Rum, and Leather: The Unique Coeur De Noir Perfume by Beaufort

Dive into a captivating narrative with this fragrance—a twisted tale filled with emotions, mysteries, and nuances that take your soul on a lyrical journey. Dominated by the essence of black ink, this scent transports you to a world of pen-and-ink yacht drawings, tales of maritime adventures, and ancient naval tattoos.

What Does Coeur De Noir Smell Like?

Imagine potent black inks that envelop you in an enigmatic ambiance, complemented by a touch of spiced rum and ancient papers filled with mystery. It also has an elegant nuance contributed by chords reminiscent of leather-bound books. Lastly, warm notes of pipe tobacco blended with vanilla, birch tar, and labdanum give it a dark and deep touch that simply can’t be explained.

Is This a Masculine or Feminine Perfume?
Coeur de Noir is an enveloping and dark fragrance that isn’t specifically labeled as masculine or feminine. It’s a unisex option.

Is the Sillage of this Perfume Strong or Soft?
The sillage is moderate to strong, making its presence known without being overwhelming.

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