Experience “on the rocks” freshness with Blue Moon Ginger Dash by Kilian, where ginger meets the spirit of Hennessy’s favorite cocktail.

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Blue Moon Ginger Dash by Kilian: A Cocktail of Sensations

Dive into a universe where fresh ginger meets sophistication with Blue Moon Ginger Dash by Kilian. Crafted by master perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur under Kilian Hennessy’s vision, this fragrance draws inspiration from Hennessy’s favorite cocktail, offering an experience that captures the essence of innovation blended with tradition.

What Does Blue Moon Ginger Dash Smell Like?

Blue Moon Ginger Dash is an ode to freshness and boldness. The fragrance opens with a burst of lemon essence, followed by a distinctive note of calone for a refreshing “on the rocks” sensation. The heart unveils a vibrant accord of vodka and organic ginger, creating a perfect balance between spicy and sweet. A base of white musk and ambroxan adds a touch of mineral elegance, rounding off the fragrance with an unforgettable signature.

What Inspired the Creation of Blue Moon Ginger Dash?
The fragrance is inspired by Kilian Hennessy’s favorite cocktail, aiming to capture its freshness and energy in a unique olfactory experience.

How Should This Perfume Be Applied?
For a longer-lasting experience, apply at pulse points such as wrists, behind the ears, and neck.

Is It Unisex?
Yes, its balanced composition makes it ideal for both men and women seeking a citrusy and fresh fragrance.

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