A moisturizing serum that helps control shine and regulate excess sebum thanks to postbiotic marine metabolites. Designed to complement your skin’s unique microbiota.

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Biome Balance Serum has been specially formulated to help maintain the balance of your skin microbiota, controlling sebum production and mattifying the skin;

Combining the antioxidant properties of Lactobacillus fermentation and seaweed filtrate, along with a microbiologically derived bioactive, seaweed polysaccharides work in harmony in Biome Balance Serum to provide smoothness, mattify the skin and deliver visible hydration.

What is Vivomer?

Haeckels introduces Vivomer, a new completely vegan and compostable biopolymer, created with the help of microorganisms. Cultivated by nature, the Haeckels bottle behaves like plastic, but without the harmful effects at the end of its useful life, as it decomposes benignly in the environment when consumed again by the same microorganisms that created it.

Vivomer will degrade organically, just like tree branches, as it also comes from natural sources.

Method of use: Pour a small amount for two seconds and apply to the skin after serums and before creams. Please note that due to the fermentation process, each batch may vary in color, from transparent to a slight greenish tone. This is perfectly normal for this product.

Size: 30 ml

Delivery free of charge from 100 €.

24 – 72 hours in the peninsula

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