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Ambra by Jeroboam redefines the classic amber scent into modern and androgynous territory, with notes of bergamot, geranium, vanilla and amber.

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Ambitious and sensual

Ambra by Jeroboam is a fragrance that redefines the classic amber scent into modern and androgynous territory. Perfumer Vanina Murraciole has succeeded in creating a masterpiece that dares to play with the duality of sweet and dark, airy and heavy, masculine and feminine. Ambra is an invitation to a sensory journey through the warm and welcoming notes of this aromatic resin.

The fragrance begins with a burst of bergamot and geranium, which combine to give a sense of freshness and clarity to the scent. But they soon become the backdrop for a creamy, inviting vanilla, which is the heart of the fragrance. This vanilla is far from being cloying or overly sweet, but rather presents itself in an airy and light form, with a fresh and spicy nuance that makes it interesting.

As the fragrance evolves, notes of amber and Peru balsam become more evident. These notes combine to give a rich and deep sensation to the aroma, with an almost resinous feel. But this is where Ambra surprises: instead of becoming an overwhelming and dense fragrance, as can sometimes happen with amber perfumes, Ambra remains light and airy, thanks to the incorporation of enigmatic musks that give it a mysterious and seductive aura.

Finally, patchouli and vetiver notes bring an earthy, smoky touch to the fragrance, which helps balance the sweeter, more floral notes. These notes also bring a masculine element to the fragrance, making it perfect for anyone looking for a scent that is equal parts androgynous and sexy.

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