A LA ROSE Hand and Body Cleansing Gel


À la rose cleansing gel elevates your bathing ritual with the elegance of iconic roses. Softened skin and an unforgettable scent with each use.

Size: 350ml

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Discover the Magic of À la rose Hand & Body Cleansing Gel: Gentle Purification with a Lasting Fragrance Experience the enchantment of À la rose hand and body cleansing gel, a formula that gently purifies the skin, leaving a fragrant trail on both hands and body.

Upon mingling with water, this gel springs to life, morphing into a luxuriant and aromatic foam, turning your bath into a haven of opulence and sensory delight. Rinse away and let its enduring scent embrace you.

The result? Revitalized, silky, and supple skin. Drawing inspiration from the essence of two iconic roses – the Damascena rose from Bulgaria and the Centifolia from Grasse, À la rose strikes a poetic balance between bold modernity and timeless femininity.

Housed in its refined packaging adorned with the signature rose, lies a gel that offers instant protection and softness. Elevate your skincare routine with À la rose’s aromatic variants: body lotion, oil, hair mist, and the traditional soap.

Is À la rose cleansing gel suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes, its formula is gentle and tailored for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Can the gel be used daily?
Absolutely, it’s crafted for daily use, ensuring consistent cleansing and freshness.

Does the gel’s scent match the “À la rose” perfume?
Yes, the gel shares the same olfactive essence, ensuring a consistent fragrance experience across the entire product line.

Where should the cleansing gel be stored?
To maintain its optimal properties, store the gel in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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