A LA ROSE Body Lotion


À la rose body lotion evokes the elegance and subtlety of two distinguished roses: the Damascena from Bulgaria and the Centifolia from Grasse. Its formula, rich in shea butter and camellia oil, deeply hydrates, leaving the skin silky and resilient.

Size: 350ml

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Nourish and Fragrance Your Skin with À la rose Body Lotion

Indulge in the sophistication of À la rose body lotion, which moisturizes your skin with a delicate fragrance that moves with you. Simply apply generously and massage with gentle motions to experience its lightweight, silky texture melt, offering immediate comfort.

The essence draws inspiration from the majesty of two roses: the Damascena from Bulgaria and the Centifolia from Grasse, bringing to life a balanced scent of floral and musky undertones. À la rose captures the audacity of modernity coupled with the elegance of timeless femininity.

Housed within its distinguished bottle adorned with the iconic À la rose emblem, lies a formula rich in shea butter and camellia oil, turning the skin into a soft, supple canvas. Elevate your olfactory journey by complementing your routine with the À la rose universe: from the foaming hand and body gel to the oil, hair mist, and traditional solid soap.

Is the À la rose lotion suitable for all skin types?
Yes, its gentle formula enriched with shea butter and camellia oil caters to all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Does it contain parabens or sulfates?
À la rose body lotion is formulated without parabens or sulfates, ensuring delicate and respectful skincare.

Does the lotion’s scent match À la rose perfume?
Yes, the body lotion shares the same olfactory notes as the perfume, offering a softer and more subtle way to wear the iconic fragrance.

Which other products can I pair with the lotion to amplify the scent?
For a deeper fragrance experience, you can complement the lotion with the foaming hand and body gel, the oil and the hair mist from the same À la rose line.

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